About Us

Serving and engaging the Muslim community of southeast Melbourne and beyond since 2016.

Answering to the diverse
needs of our community

As the number of challenges only increases, Muslims in Australia need a sanctuary for their Islam. A welcoming place where Muslims and those interested in Islam can strengthen their imaan and grow their Islamic knowledge through guidance and goodness.

A home for Melbourne’s Muslim community

Pillars of Guidance answers to this important call, aiming to build on its foundations as a full-service centre nurturing the next generation of Australia’s leaders and providing a home to the families and elders of today.

Youth Focused

A centre built for the youth by the youth. We strive to provide initiatives where people, especially young Muslims, can come and learn their deen, enjoy each other’s company, seek guidance and get closer to Allah


Our plethora of initiatives aim to mould people spiritually and holistically into a beautiful, cohesive community invested in an Islamic worldview


Our centre is a warm and welcoming place for all Muslims, no matter their age or background, man or woman


The seeking of knowledge is “fard upon every Muslim” (Sunan Ibn Majah) and we strive to create the opportunity for everyone to learn their deen to be able to practice it beautifully and persistently.

A team committed to safeguarding the Islamic spirit in Australia

Led by Alim and Hafiz Shaykh Bahdon Robleh (Imam of PGCC) and a talented executive committee, our team is dedicated to achieving the centre’s goals of ensuring the Islamic spirit and our community’s unique identity are safeguarded and nurtured in the time to come

Our Team

The Pillars of Guidance Centre brings together a team who is passionate about the future of our Muslim community. Our board leaders are mentors with a wealth of experience in delivering Islamic knowledge and guiding community members of all backgrounds.

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