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Discover our significant global and local contributions through our international and local aid initiatives. Witness the impact of our efforts in action.

Impactful Zakat & sadaqah at work

Discover the remarkable projects that Pillars of Guidance Community Centre, in collaboration with partners like Sadaqa Welfare Fund, has undertaken using the power of Zakat and Sadaqah. Each project embodies our commitment to humanitarian service and reflects the positive change we bring to communities worldwide.

Extending Aid to Remote Villages in Uganda

Alhamdulillah, our dedication reached the remote villages of Uganda. With Zakaat Food Packs, we nourished families, demonstrating the far-reaching impact of your generous contributions. These efforts exemplify our commitment to serving those in need, regardless of distance.

Aiding Vulnerable Families Amid Flash Flooding in Pakistan

When flash floods struck Pakistan, the PGCC team, in partnership with Sadaqa Welfare Fund, sprang into action. By distributing hot meals and essential supplies, we offered solace to vulnerable families grappling with the aftermath of catastrophic flooding.

Providing Relief After Earthquake in Turkey

In collaboration with Sadaqa Welfare Fund, our PGCC team swiftly responded to the aftermath of a devastating earthquake that struck Turkey. Through collective efforts, we provided immediate aid, medical assistance, and essential supplies to thousands affected by this natural disaster.

"A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world"

– The Prohet Mushammad (P.B.U.H)